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Sauce be upon you, Professionalization Town Halls, and our Humanist Gala

You’re invited! By Anita Romanowski, FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER PARTY AND FUNDRAISER AVAST ALL YE SWABS AND LANDLUBBERS HSGP will be holding our annual Flying Spaghetti Monster Party and Fundraiser on Saturday, October 13. All hands on deck at 2 bells (that’s 5:00 p.m. for landlubbers). Ye are requested to board the gangplank wearing yer best

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Extraordinary Humanist Award Night, Flying Spaghetti Monster Dinner, Board positions, Humanist Stores, and Guest Post on Free Speech: September 2018

Greetings Humanists! It’s been another hot and muggy month, but we’ve been humming along here at the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix. We have some huge news for you in this edition! Our long-time friends and patrons, Hal and Doreen, are getting a long overdue night of appreciation and celebration. Our Flying Spaghetti Monster Dinner

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Vandalism Update

Hey all, I just wanted to give you a quick update on our situation here. Firstly: wow. Thank you all so much for your support and concern. You are the best community we could ask for and then some. You’re all so giving and ready to show your love of our group and mission. Thank

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A Meetup Milestone, Men’s Groups, Humanist Stories, and Flying Spaghetti Monster Dinner Planning August 2018

Greetings Humanists! Welcome to another sauna-like August in Phoenix. Don’t sweat it this month, I promise not to drench you in news. Let me slide into our topics before I get soaked. This month, let’s talk about our achievement with Meetup, Men’s/Women’s/LGBTQ’s groups, your Humanist stories, and more. A Meetup Milestone The Humanist Society of

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Passing of Allan Adasiak, Vandalism at the Center, YouTube, Secular Day at the Capitol, Newsletter for February 2018

President’s Message Happy February and happy birthday, Charles Darwin. This month, we have some sad news but we have some great news for our commuunity as well. I always start with the bad news. It’s like eating a salad with those terribly bitter herbs in them. Just get it out of the way and then

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