Activism & Alliances

As Humanists, we actively seek the ethical, fair and equal treatment of all human beings. We understand that groups need our support. As such, we take to the pen and raise our voices and call for non-violent, peaceful and democratic changes wherever needed. We are advocates and allies for:

  • The right to exercise religion or the lack thereof, without government interference
  • Secular governance, where the religious are not favored over the non-religious, where everyone has a voice in the powers that govern their lives
  • The right of children to be free to choose their own beliefs and to learn about the world as it actually is
  • The equal treatment and the protection of rights for men and women
  • The right of consenting adults to love whomever they wish, regardless of sexual orientation
  • The right of transgender and gender non-conforming persons to live life to the maximal happiness everyone else enjoys
  • The promotion of science-based education to better equip the current and future generations with the truth of reality
  • The promotion of science-based medicine to improve the overall health of the inhabitants of this world and their happiness
  • Caring for the less fortunate, providing food, clothing, and other services, where possible
  • The right to express constructive ideas or criticisms openly and freely without fear of being labelled a blasphemer
  • Safeguarding the sustainability of our planet and preserving bio-diversity
  • The rights of all when choosing how and when to end their own lives with dignity

Phoenix Pride

Leader: President

Phoenix Pride booth

Richard Dewey (left, 2016 HSGP President) and Alex Zygmunt (right) in HSGP’s booth at Phoenix Pride 2016

We proudly support our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, queer, a-sexual and gender non-conforming friends, family, and allies. We attend Phoenix Pride every year to ensure that we show our support in volunteers as well as in dollars to support acceptance of all humans, regardless of sexuality or gender. All are welcome. All are loved.

This happens every year in April. Please consider representing HSGP and showing your support by walking in the parade and staffing our booth.

Secular Coalition for Arizona

Ours is intended to be a secular government. However, the wheels of justice only turn when defended against the tyranny of injustice. We depend on you to stand at our side to raise your voice and be heard. The Secular Coalition for Arizona is not part of HSGP, but we are closely allied with them.

The Secular Coalition for Arizona needs your help contacting your representatives and being seen at various events. Please consider supporting them directly through donations or volunteering your time. Sign up for their mailing list to receive action alerts when your representatives need to hear your voice before making a key decision.

Throughout the year, we’ll work closely with them to ensure that secular voices are heard by our representatives.

Other Affiliations

HSGP is a chapter of the American Humanist Association                 AHA Logo

HSGP is a member of the Humanists International

HSGP supports the Humanist Community at Harvard                    hcplogo

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