Learning and Enlightenment

As Humanists, we are committed to self-improvement and using that knowledge to improve the world and the lives of its denizens. We offer the following programs to satisfy those ends.

Sunday Speaker Meetings

Our Program Director arranges for speakers on a variety of topics covering science, history, social justice, humanist philosophy, civic engagement, and more.

We invite and host speakers from all over the world. These speakers are chosen for their research or passion about the subject matter and adherence to the truth of the questions at hand.

We meet in Sackett Halll nearly every other Sunday (at least twice a month, typically). We mingle over our delicious breakfasts before the meetings. After the meetings, we typically hold question and answer session so that you can get the answers that you desire directly from the speakers.

Do you have young children? Bring them along! We offer a supervised children’s program during the meeting so you can take a load off, relax, and join the presentation worry-free.

Please join us at our next meeting. We’ll see you there.

Game Nights

Game nights are a great way to keep the mind sharp and– OK, you caught us. It’s not all seriousness and learning. Game nights are a way to blow off steam in a friendly, yet competitive, way. Game nights offer mind-challenging games or simply the opportunity to socialize with like-minded individuals.

Meet some new friends and enjoy some snacks! We have lots of family-friendly games as well as not-so-family-friendly games for adults. Please share and bring in any games you’d like! We love playing with new board, card, dice, or any other type of “board” game. Bring your favorites in to share!

Game nights are held every month in Sackett Hall. Game nights are run by Kevin “Hondo” Hickman and Pat Bean. Drop by and join us sometime!

Inquiring Minds

On the first Saturday of each month, a unique and through-provoking topic is selected for discussion. The ideas are based on suggestions from you! The material is presented and the rest of the event is pure discussion among the other attendees. The event leader is simply a facilitator and moderator; you provide the content and the commentary! Conversation on the event topics and any other topics you wish continues over lunch at a nearby restaurant if you can make it!

Book Club

Grab your bookmarks and come ready for a fun and light-hearted discussion. Books are suggested by group members.  The leader directs the discussion but it is largely driven by you! Read the book, pick out your most liked or most hated parts and discuss. It’s never boring and you get to read on a wide variety of topics from fiction to science, humanities and more. Join the group for lunch after the discussion if you can make it. Check out our 2004-2019 Book Club Archive here!

Want more?

Don’t see an event you like or do you have an event in mind you’d like to see at HSGP? Let us know!