Children’s Programs

As Humanists, we recognize that the future is our children. As such, we are dedicated to providing a community for them as well as their adult counterparts.

Sunday Funday!

During our Sunday meetings, Sunday Funday is offered as a supervised alternative for children. The kids get to play outside (if it’s not too hot out!) or play in our dedicated children’s room with our wide selection of games and interactive activities such as:

  • Legos
  • Kinex
  • creative activites such as arts and crafts
  • board games
  • free reading
  • or just plain kids having fun playing with other kids!

This all happens at the same time as our Sunday Speaker meetings so please feel free to join in! If you enjoy this program, please consider supporting it. We love to know when our programs are working for our membership.

Camp Quest

Coordinator: Jennifer White

Have you always wanted your children to attend a summer camp but were concerned with religious proselytization? Well, Camp Quest, the secular summer camp, is here to change that. The young, but wildly successful summer camp doesn’t preach religion but instead offers fun team-building away from the heat of the Phoenix summer. Camp Quest is not affiliated with HSGP, but many of our parents support and send their children to camp every year. It’s an amazing experience for your children.

Want more?

Don’t see an event you like or do you have an event in mind you’d like to see at HSGP? Let us know!