Vandalism Update

Our window to our children’s room, destroyed by vandalism

Hey all, I just wanted to give you a quick

update on our situation here.

Firstly: wow. Thank you all so much for your support and concern. You are the best community we could ask for and then some. You’re all so giving and ready to show your love of our group and mission. Thank you for the bottom of all our hearts.

On to the news: thanks to our camera system installed in January, we’ve identified one of the vandals. It’s a local child in the community. We’ll be working with their parents to come up with a plan to prevent this in the future. This is also an excellent opportunity to get to know our neighbors better.

To be absolutely clear: we have no reason to believe that the vandalism was motivated by bigotry or religious persecution. This was just kids being kids and this is an opportunity for everybody to grow .

Thank you for such a wide outpouring of ungodly Humanism! Stay awesome! Have a wonderful week.