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Evolution of HSGP; Meet Luke Douglas, Executive Director ; What People Are Saying; Come See for Yourself; May 2019

The Evolution of HSGP – 1970 to Present To Dream the Impossible Dream By Susan Sackett No one could have predicted back in 1970 that what began as a small group known as Humanists of Greater Phoenix (HOGP) would evolve into the successful organization today known as Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix (HSGP). The name

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New Year; New Board; Search Update; Excitement & Enthusiasm; Celebrations & Concerts – January/February 2019

Sorry for the lateness of the first newsletter in the new year! Exciting things are happening… Incoming President’s Message It’s a New Year and that means a New Board of Directors Welcome to the incoming board members for 2019: President:  Alex Zygmunt Vice President:  Pam Heward Treasurer:  TBD (Election to be held February 24) Secretary:  Kathy Pettycrew Program

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Sauce be upon you, Professionalization Town Halls, and our Humanist Gala

You’re invited! By Anita Romanowski, FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER PARTY AND FUNDRAISER AVAST ALL YE SWABS AND LANDLUBBERS HSGP will be holding our annual Flying Spaghetti Monster Party and Fundraiser on Saturday, October 13. All hands on deck at 2 bells (that’s 5:00 p.m. for landlubbers). Ye are requested to board the gangplank wearing yer best

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