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“Race” and What It Really Is

I recently read a book entitled “The Myth of Race” by Jefferson M. Fish, PhD.  I found it to be one of the best books that I’ve read for some time, at least in terms of science written so that the average person can follow well. It’s also interesting and enjoyable to read. The premise

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Spirituality: What Do I Mean by That?

In keeping with the pattern of picking interesting and possibly controversial subjects, I decided to write about a topic that I seem to keep getting into conversations about with our members and that is a source of some controversy and confusion. That topic is “spirituality”. Yep, I’m really going there. What the heck, it’s fun

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My Take on Feminism

I’ll see if I can stir things up a bit by discussing a topic that has caused a significant stir in the atheist, as well as the Humanist, community for about as long as I can remember. This topic has been a source of controversy and has been a major focal point of social change

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Humanism and the Disenfranchised

I’ve been having conversations with people lately (and actually for quite a while) about how we, as an organization, should treat people who are marginalized, disenfranchised, or otherwise discriminated against in our culture, or around the world for that matter. Sometimes, we aren’t sure what is the right thing to do or what might actually

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Social Justice Issues and HSGP

SOCIAL JUSTICE Some big news came from the American Humanist Association the last week in February and I think that this is very important for our members to think about and reflect on, especially since we are a chapter of the AHA and are in constant contact with them. The AHA announced the addition of

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Profiles in Humanism: Jerry and Judy Walp

HSGP members Jerry and Judy Walp have patterned their retirement after that of a Roman emperor. If this conjures up images of a toga-wearing couple lounging around sipping wine you’re thinking of the wrong emperor. The Walp’s model was Diocletian, the 51st Emperor of the Roman Empire who famously retired to tend his vegetable garden.

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