HSGP isn’t a single person, but an entire group of people who are all pulling in the same direction. Every person in the organization helps achieve our goals under the guidance of our Task Force leaders.


James Osborn is our webmaster and keeps the website fed, watered, safe, and happy.


Bruce Pettycrew manages our library of books and online media.


This position is currently vacant.  We’re looking for someone to help keep our programs funded.

Safety Officer

Ann Marie Eisentraut keeps our community safe by seeing to the safety issues or hazards that arise.

Service Outreach Coordinator

Gwindolynn Gentry ensures that Humanism is practiced in the community at large by giving back to the communities and the people of those communities.

Facility Use Management

Vici Duarte coordinates the use of the Community Center. Click here if you’d like to use the facility.

Food Management

These folks ensure that a healthy and hearty breakfast is served during our Sunday Speaker meetings.


Linda Wendler keeps our community connected by ensuring that important announcements are distributed in a cohesive and professional manner.

Volunteer Coordinator

Matt Ferrin enables our events to be appropriately staffed to ensure that every event is an amazing success.

Information Technology

James Osborn helps keep the organization running by ensuring that convenience technologies are readily accessible to the entire board of directors and the task force leaders.

Girl Scout Troop

Ann Marie Eisentraut conducts the annual selling of cookies in addition to conducting fun and interesting meetings with our local troop. Go Troop 1080!

Book Club

Roy Towne manages our book club events and coordinates with the group members to select books to read next.

Inquiring Minds

Richard Dewey challenges your pre-conceptions by conducting, proposing, and moderating topics of discussion.

TED Talks

Anna Carter coordinates these meetings and helps select videos that challenge preconceptions or broaden horizons.

Game Nights

Ann Marie Eisentraut & Bruce Stiles ensure that everyone is welcome and has a good time at our game nights.

Nominating Committee

This committee is formed every year to conduct our annual board elections.