Board of Directors

HSGP is governed by a Board of Directors. They’re members who volunteer their time to ensure that the organization continues providing quality events and expanding the message of Humanism throughout the local and national communities.

The board of the Directors has the following nine (9) positions: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Program Director, Property Director, Membership Director, and two at-large directors.

Board of Directors for 2017

  • President: Chris Wojno
  • Vice President: Alex Zygmunt
  • Treasurer: Chris Appleton
  • Secretary: Kathy Pettycrew
  • Program Director: James Fuchs
  • Property Director: Ann Marie Eisentraut (replacement needed!)
  • Membership Director: Anita Romanowski
  • At large: Open position!
  • At large: Linda Wendler