Treasurer’s Job Description

The Treasurer is responsible for managing and monitoring all of the Society’s finances including both incoming and outgoing funds as well as savings and reserve funds. The Treasurer will monitor current and historical financial history in order to forecast cash flows and prepare an annual budget. In addition to driving the direction of the organization, you’ll also be responsible for:

  • The Treasurer will maintain records to meet legal requirements, track income and expenses against the budget plan and report financial activity and performance to the Board at each Board meeting. The Treasurer will also assist in the management of membership records ensuring all dues and donations are recorded.
  • The Treasurer will ensure timely filing of a tax return to the IRS, an annual report with the Arizona Corporation Commission and processing and obtaining an annual Maricopa County property tax exemption. The Treasurer will also help manage the investment and endowment accounts to ensure that our organization will continue to persist and complete it’s mission objectives.