Property Director’s Job Description

The property director manages our Humanist Community Center in Mesa. In addition to driving the direction of the organization, you’ll also be responsible for:

  • Keeping the property in a maintained, safe, and clean state at all times
  • Fixing things that break
  • Performing the maintenance as indicated in the calendar including, but not limited to: fire inspections, security system maintenance, etc.
  • Scheduling work parties to fix any of the above issues
  • Keeping the grounds well-maintained, clean, and free of litter
  • Improving the property to help cut costs or provide a benefit to our membership
  • Pest control
  • Supervise cleaning and repairs
    • Carpets require cleaning bi-annually
    • Supervise housekeeper work
    • Supervise grounds-keeper work
  • Building a small team to assist you

Without our Community Center, we will not be able to continue to adequately serve our community. Please consider helping us succeed in our mission!