Program Director’s Job Description

The Program Director is responsible for vetting, seeking out, and facilitating Presenters for Sunday Speaker meeting events as well as our other major fundraiser events. In addition to driving the direction of the organization, you’ll also be responsible:

  • Calling potential Presenters and screening them for their knowledge of Humanism and HSGP
  • Determining if they are a good fit for Humanists and Humanist Values
  • Assessing their presentation skills
  • Responding to all suggestions for Presenters given by HSGP members
  • Communication with Presenters and give them all the information they need to successfully present
  • Provide Communications Director all information necessary to post and advertise the Presenter before the event.
  • Collect contact information and maintain contact with Presenter to ensure he/she is on time and prepared
  • Do “homework” about Presenter and present to the membership on the day of Presentation
  • Help Presenter with book sales or whatever else they want to do on the day of his/her presentation
  • Encourage Presenter to promote his presentation at HSGP to his contacts
  • Invite Presenter to join members for lunch and act as host for the event.
  • Maintain communication after the event and thank them for coming
  • Building a small team to assist you

May also be responsible for organizing or contributing to events such as:

  • Specialty Speaker events on other days
    • Awards events
    • Solstice Party
    • Flying Spaghetti Monster
    • Darwin Day

Objective: to offer informative, interesting Speakers to showcase HSGP and ultimately let the world know about who we are and why it is a great to join us.