End of 2017 Fundraiser

As you know, this year has been filled with unexpected maintenance expenses: roof repairs, fire riser repairs and some vandalism. To cover this shortfall and accomplish more aggressive goals, we’ve set up a fundraising board to visually track our progress.

If you are willing and able to help out, you can support us through regular donations or donate in $250 or $500 increments to get on our board. If you donate $500 we will reserve a square that recognizes your contribution. A $250 donation will be recognized with a half square. As your fiscal years come to a close, please keep HSGP in mind. We are a 501.3.c tax-deductible charity and every single dollar goes to keeping our doors open and our activities alive. We have amazing volunteers and our board is 100% volunteer run. Not a single member is paid. Everything we’ve done and all the good we are capable of doing is only possible with your support.

If you cannot help out financially, our volunteers are an indispensible part of our mission. Please consider signing up to help us with events or work parties. These help keep costs down so we can stretch every dollar. Thank you to all of our hard working volunteers!