Tenets of Humanism – Session Three: Intro to Meaning and Mattering

We will consider how a naturalist worldview, humanist ethics, and community bonds inform and contribute to our sense of meaning and purpose.



Are you new to humanism? Want to explore humanism more deeply? Or are you interested in learning how to explain humanism to others? If any of these apply, then this three-part series surveying the basic tenets of humanism is for you.

Participants are encouraged to come to all three of the sessions, but folks are welcome to come as they are able. Each session will begin with an overview of one salient aspect of humanism followed by group discussion.

Session Three: Intro to Meaning and Mattering
We are the products of an un-designed, evolutionary process. What meaning or purpose can there be to our lives? Do our lives really matter? How can intentional community engender meaning and mattering? How do we create meaningful community? In the last session of this series, we will look at how a Humanist lifestance -- with its naturalist worldview, ethical commitments, and community spirit – informs and contributes to our experience of meaning and purpose.

Workshop presented by Audrey Kingstrom
Born and raised a devout Lutheran in rural Minnesota, then immersed in evangelicalism in college, Audrey made her way to New York City in her mid-twenties to go to Union Theological Seminary (non-denominational and liberal). She graduated with a Master of Divinity but by the end she was a closeted atheist. Hence, Audrey re-directed her life to the field of education—in publishing and high school teaching. After 16 years on the East coast, she returned to Minnesota and discovered congregational humanism at the First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis where she and her husband have been members for over twenty years – and raised their two sons. During that time, she also became acquainted with HumanistsMN and served on their Board for 8 years – 5 of them as president. Audrey is also a humanist celebrant and continues to be very active in HumanistsMN volunteering as their program coordinator and frequent presenter.

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May 17th, 2021 6:00 PM through  7:30 PM
United States