James Joyce Ulysses Reading Group



This is a group for reading James Joyce, especially his book Ulysses. You do not need to have read Ulysses already. We meet to discuss one chapter of Ulysses each monthly meeting. We paused the group when the Coronavirus became epidemic in Phoenix. Since this is the 100th Anniversary of the publication of the book, it seems like a good time to get back to it. We are starting from the first chapter at our first meetup.

We will follow a suggested schedule found on Reddit, though not by the dates shown. https://tinyurl.com/y5vh7u4r Other resources are The Joyce Project and Genius.
This is the Chapter and Named sections convention we will use:
1. Telemachus
2. Nestor
3. Proteus
4. Calypso
5. Lotus Eaters
6. Hades
7. Aeolus
8. Lestrygonians
9. Scylla and charybdis
10. Wandering Rocks
11. Sirens
12. Cyclops
13. Nausicaa
14. Oxens of the Sun
15. Circe
16. Eumaeus
17. Ithaca
18. Penelope

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Your host, Steve T.

November 24th, 2022 from  7:00 PM to  8:30 PM
MESA, AZ 85201-4009
United States