Special Speaker – Kevin Bolling: The Next Generation of the Secular Movement: Are You Ready?

Kevin Bolling will speak to us about supporting secular students


(This event is online only. See below for Zoom link.)

The Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix, the Valley of the Sun Chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and Secular Coalition for Arizona are teaming up with the Secular Student Alliance to award deserving students with scholarships at the end of this school year!

This month, we welcome Kevin Bolling, the executive director of the Secular Student Alliance, to speak to us about supporting secular students. Kevin has served as SSA's executive director since 2017 and brings with him 20+ years of nonprofit leadership experience. His career includes over 10 years of student association management and on-campus program development from Los Angeles to Boston.

The Next Generation of the Secular Movement: Are You Ready?

The next generation in the United States is more secular and social justice-oriented than previous generations. Kevin Bolling will share about the mindset of millennials and Generation Z, what the Secular Student Alliance is doing across the county, about the current tactics of conservative religious campus ministries, and what local secular groups can do to encourage and engage the upcoming generation.

Monday December 4
6:30PM AZ
1st Mondays
This is the Zoom Link for the talk.

Throughout the year, we will be connecting with high school and college students, providing resources for secular and intersectional activism, and collaborating on community service projects and civic engagement activities. Please join us to learn how you can get involved!

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact HSGP’s Service and Participation Director, Mars de La Tour, at volunteer@hsgp.org.

December 4th, 2023 from  6:30 PM to  7:30 PM