Out of the Closet: Black Nonbelievers with Project Humanities

Join HSGP in support of Black Nonbelievers and Project Humanities for a talk with Mandisa Thomas, Founder of Black Nonbelievers, on the history of Black atheists, the challenges they face, and ways to amplify their voices.


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As folks in the US look at the many issues facing our communities and as anti-racism becomes more of a focus, the voices and work of nonreligious Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) need to be amplified and supported. Mandisa Thomas, Founder of Black Nonbelievers in 2012, discusses the work of her non-profit organization and how Black nonbelievers are building community.

She also addresses historical Black Humanist voices, the rise of religious nones, how Black atheists face additional challenges, and how religious and nonreligious people can work better together. 

After her virtual talk, Mandisa Thomas will be in conversation with Project Humanities Founding Director, Dr. Neal A. Lester, about the “closet” Black nonbelievers are fast coming out of to declare their independence and their connectedness.

*Please register here for free tickets and online event link*

August 11th, 2022 6:00 PM through  7:30 PM
Convention Center
Mesa, AZ 85282-85282
United States