Community Center

The Humanist Community center is located near downtown Mesa, Arizona. Back in the “old days,” the Humanists of Phoenix were a nomadic tribe, wandering from home to home, holding small gatherings and meetings of like-minded individuals. As the group continued to grow and personal homes became too small to contain our numbers, HSGP began holding meetings at various restaurants. But soon, even those became too small. Ironically enough, in 2005 HSGP purchased an older home in Mesa and renovated it, adding on a massive great hall in which to hold meetings and activities.  We moved into our new home in 2010.

HCC at Dusk with clouds

That home is now the Humanist Community Center we know and love today.

  • 1,800 sqft or 167.2m² of beautiful meeting space
  • Air conditioned for the hotter months
  • A large patio with lights and fans for the cooler months
  • 34 parking spaces, 2 of which are designated for the disabled
  • A small kitchen for warming or re-heating snacks or light meals
  • A refrigerator and freezer for ice, drinks, or snacks
  • An upright piano
  • Restrooms and an additional family, unisex-restroom

Great Hall

HSGP Great HallThis is where the majority of our meetings take place. We gather for breakfasts, lunches, and occasionally dinners. Its size allows us to accommodate a very large group of people quite comfortably. We’ve held talks, lectures, discussion groups, game nights, movie screenings, musical performances, and more here. Let yourself be transformed through your experiences here. Make memories and friends you won’t soon forget.

Robert Green Ingersoll Library

No Humanist community center is complete without a room dedicated to knowledge. A Humanist favorite, the library is a relaxing, quiet place to go. Within, you’ll find two couches and two very comfy chairs surrounded by shelves of books.

Children’s room

Many of our members are parents and have small children, so we’ve designated an area for them to play and learn. Our children have access to  books for those who can read or just look at pictures, art supplies for those feeling crafty, as well as Legos and Kinex for the budding engineers.

The Back Yard

Just outside the children’s room is a fenced in, grass-covered play yard. The yard is equipped with a sunshade and a toy castle. We have other small area sports equipment as well for the cooler months.


When the weather cools down, the patio is our go-to place to enjoy each other’s company and the fresh air. Equipped with ceiling fans and lights, the patio is also a great place to enjoy dinners with a beautiful Arizona sunset.


While humble and cozy, the kitchen is where we assemble our breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.  Equipped with a small refrigerator and freezer, a stove for warming food, mountains of plates and cups, the kitchen helps deliver the goods that keep our community well fed and happy.

Our members add to the food offerings by bringing in delicious home-cooked items.


The Humanist Community Center is ADA Compliant. If you have any difficulties, please reach out to us and let us know how we can serve you better.  For the hearing-impaired who have appropriately-configured hearing aids, a Telecoil system for enhanced listening is available.  Let us know it needs to be turned on for you.